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Acadia Leadership Partners (ALPS) is a full-service B2B marketplace platform company specializing in professional services with a diverse portfolio of innovative technologies in Cybersecurity, Data compliance and Intelligent Automation.

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As domain experts in the Cybersecurity, Data Compliance and Intelligent Automation solutions markets, we drive revenue. To take the ball over the line, our established network of 50+ Senior Subject Matter Experts across specific industry verticals, who have extensive trusted customer relationships which allow us to orchestrate meetings with the right people at the right companies at the right time.

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Client Use cases and testimonials

Distributed Data Cybersecurity Firm

Publicly traded client with innovative technology was serving the SMB market. Their desire to penetrate the global enterprise marketplace brought them to ALPS. Client deeply embedded ALPS into all Sales and Marketing activities, to completely restructure their go to market methodology. The result of which delivered an active market presence in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, State & Local Government and Banking industries. The extensive ALPS network also provided the client with the necessary relationships to capitalize on their growth trajectory.

“ALPS has enabled our company to begin to realize its revenue potential across a broad range of industries and geographies. The impact on our company has been extraordinary as we capitalize on our market leading technologies ”

-Client CEO

Premiere Intelligent Automation Technology Firm

Our Client is an established global provider of automation and AI. ALPS’s senior executive relationship at a publicly traded fintech company opened the door to a strategic engagement. Through a series of performance focused workshops, ALPS was able to bring the customer to the realization that for their desired scale of growth, they must rely less on human capital, and more on scalable automated processes.

These activities paved the way for a substantial multi million / multi year set of engagements for this ALPS Client. ALPS has remained active in client / customer relationships to ensure continuity for all strategic initiatives.

ALPS Analyzed the marketplace, developed a go to market program to address OT layer in manufacturing companies, and worked with the client to procure the sale of one of the largest life science companies in the world.

“We've had a successful relationship with ALPS for over 5 years resulting in sustained customer relationships for further revenue growth and prosperity for our firm.

Their network access has proven to be unparalleled and their unique way to bring our solutions into the relevant decision makers by leveraging their trusted executive relationships has been instrumental.

Their ability to speak our value propositions into the language of their various industry domains is a key component to the immense value ALPS has brought INVOKE.”

-Client CEO

Zero Trust Cybersecurity Firm

Client had advanced cybersecurity technology with origins in the federal government sector. After seed round financing, the company retained ALPS for strategic commercial market development.

ALPS Analyzed the marketplace, developed a go to market program to address OT layer in manufacturing companies, and worked with the client to procure the sale of one of the largest life science companies in the world.

“Working with ALPS has proven to be indispensable in both the identification of accessible markets and the realization of new enterprise customers positioning our offering in an unassailable competitive product”

-Client CEO

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