Public Service Announcement: Don’t be the next Colonial Pipeline

“The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack would have been resolved in a matter of hours had they installed a Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS) from Sollensys”, stated Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corporation based on the Florida Space Coast.

“Colonial Pipeline continues to dedicate vast resources to restoring pipeline operations quickly and safely” Colonial Pipeline first reported on May 8th, one day after learning they had been compromised with a ransomware attack. 

In fact, had the Sollensys BAS been in use, a small fraction of these resources, in addition to the small amount of insight needed to install preventative ransomware measures, were all that was needed to prevent this national catastrophe. 

Sollensys (SOLS) solves this problem by introducing an inherently different, and more secure technology stack to your cybersecurity strategy.  A last line of defense.  By shredding both the data and the encryption keys across a distributed ledger on multiple nodes across multiple networks, your data becomes verifiably indestructible and immutable.  Sollensys is currently the only solution to offer this level of security.

Operations of any size, including large enterprises such as Colonial Pipeline all the way to smaller SMB business’, invariably have security measures such as backup procedures in place, which means that the attacker was able to penetrate their backup system as well. This is the case in the majority of ransomware attacks, whether the backup is on premise, or in the cloud. 

We are reaching out because we know you either run or influence an organization that would benefit from Sollensys’ unique solution.  As a representative of the industry’s best cybersecurity practices, we strongly encourage you to consider adding a ransomware assurance strategy to your organization. Please reach out to learn just how affordable and easy it is to implement a Sollensys Blockchain Archive Server™.  

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further on the critical benefits of the Sollensys BAS offering.  Please let me when we may be able to speak further at your earliest convenience.

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