Technology is finding a new home, and it’s not the coast you’re used to.

Jan 28, 2020
Sam Peret

PORTLAND Maine  Silicon Valley is over, as dictated by the mass exodus, and toxic culture. But when one door shuts, a new door opens, and Silicon based investors are looking at New England, specifically, the coast of Maine.

Included is Silicon Valley investor David Roux, who recently announced plans to invest $100 Million into the Roux Institute named after himself. Focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning is Roux’s bet to produce the top economic drivers of the future. 

But Roux isn’t the only one attracted to the vast opportunities of Maine.  Companies like CashStar, WEX, IDEXX Laboratories, L.L. Bean, Bottomline Technologies, and Tyler Technologies have all been slowly building the foundation for what looks to be fertile grounds for upcoming tech companies. 

“We’re calling it Silicon Coast”

“It’s unbelievable to see the progression of ideas and talent showing up right in our backyard”, says Steve Bergson, a Portland based entrepreneur connecting enterprise execs with service companies, some found here in Maine. “We’re calling it Silicon Coast!”

The big factor in the turning of the tide, are employees looking for work/life balance. With the Portland culinary scene being labeled Restaurant City of the Year, access to nature with beautiful beaches, forests, islands, lakes, and just enough quirk, the Maine seacoast has all the right parts for a bright future.

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